10 Minimalist Home Inspiration

10 Minimalist Home Inspiration

Minimalist Home Inspiration Lately, minimalist home models are increasingly preferred. Some consider design and interior to be the mecca of this concept. There are also those who think of Japan as the root of the minimalist lifestyle, contributing to architecture and design. There is nothing wrong, because more or less there is a point. Basically, a minimalist home model prioritizes efficiency and functionality, but can meet the needs of its inhabitants.

What is unique, this concept does not only concern the architectural form of the house, but also interior design, selection of furniture, colors, lighting arrangements, and plants to decorate the house. Designing a model house with a modern minimalist concept is not easy, but it’s also not that difficult, as long as you know what you need.

10 Minimalist Home Inspiration

1. 1 Floor Minimalist House Model

Even a one-story house can have a modern minimalist design. In fact, it’s even easier. With a fairly large house area, you can have at least two rooms. However, if only one room is not a problem. In front near the entrance, as usual used as a living room. However, it can also be used as a dining room and kitchen.

2. Minimalist 2-storey house model

Having a two-story house is fun. There is plenty of space to move and place items that are important and necessary. However, if you want minimalism, it is advisable to divide the two “levels” of the house appropriately.

3. 3-room minimalist house model

With three rooms, it feels like the house will look more spacious and spacious. You can also divide up the rooms at different points in the house. Rooms don’t always have to be attached to each other or side by side. The bedroom is obviously smaller, but if you can place the right furniture and layout, then the house will still be comfortable.

4. Minimalist House with Large Windows

To make the appearance of the newest minimalist house made of wood more attractive, you can install large windows. In addition to good air circulation, sunlight can illuminate the entire room so that it will save more on electricity consumption. Apart from that, you can also add a reading room at home. The atmosphere and beautiful place can support your reading experience.

5. Modern minimalist house

This newest minimalist home ensures that the room inside gets fantastic lighting. Large windows with beautiful glass will let in fresh air and sunlight throughout the day. Windows are also an excellent form of decoration. You can also add plants on the roof to make it look more beautiful and cooler.

6. Minimalist Japanese Concept House

Japanese culture, which is synonymous with minimalism and neatness of space, inspires many people and applies them to their homes. In addition, the concept of the latest Japanese-style minimalist home is also increasingly being looked at along with the popularity of Japanese culture itself. To make a Japanese-style house, you can place Japanese-style ornaments or Japanese furniture that uses natural materials such as bamboo and wood in pastel colors.

7. Minimalist House The T House Concept

This newest and unique minimalist house is different from the others because half of the walls on the facade are completely covered by walls. The facade of the house with white color was chosen because it is able to retain heat considering the orientation of the house faces west.

Wood materials are used to give a touch of nature, with the addition of plants located behind the dining room and kitchen. To give a striking impression to the house, a perforated iron staircase is used to help brighten up the room with the help of natural light that passes through the cavity.

8. Tiny Plank House

Even though it has a size that is not too big, you can make the design inspiration for your future home. In addition to wood, this latest minimalist home incorporates black and white to the front. The appearance of the house becomes minimalist and elegant with these two color combinations.

9. Contemporary Home Design

Even though this contemporary size is small, its design is able to attract people’s attention. The curved doors and windows add to the uniqueness of this house. The rough texture of the walls also gives the home a relaxed feel.

10. Minimalist Container House

Containers are generally useful for moving things, but you can also use them to build your house. Without the need for a lot of building materials, you can easily build your dream house. Although small, but gives a very attractive appearance. 10 Minimalist Home Inspiration

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